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PostSubject: General info   Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:20 pm

Hello Everyone!

It seems that there are many questions still regarding some of the changes to the Guilds during maintenance last night, so we want to take the time to better explain some of the things that you guys are still confused about.


Q) What is Amity and how do I use it?

A) Amity is a new system introduced for guilds to gain additional EXP on a chosen course. The Guild Master, Advisor, or Submasters can select a course from the options given that will be set as the Guild Amity Course. This will give all guild members an additional 10% EXP on that course to start off and up to a 30% EXP bonus once the highest Amity level is gained. The cost to change the Amity course, once you choose initially, is 100mil NG which comes out of the account of the player making the change. Each day a total of 30 coupons must be collected and submitted (the course the coupons are for does not matter) the same way as normal, to the boxes in front of their respective Guild Houses. Once this happens you will be given 20 Amity points toward the next Amity level. Each day this task must be completed and will raise the level of Amity over time. As the Amity level rises, so does the amount of Bonus EXP your guild can gain on the course chosen.

Once the guild's Amity reaches level 7 the "Random Course 1" option will be available. This option gives guilds the opportunity to gain Amity on a course not included in the first option list such as Hidden Forest CC and CT Park Royal. The course chosen when this option is selected will be random, and can be any course included in the list provided when you use that feature. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses are all included in this feature, and you will be charged the 150mil NG fee upon hitting the "Random Course 1" button so even if you decide not to accept the course it gives you the fee will be removed from the account of the player making the change.

The same applies, generally, to the "Random Course 2" option which becomes usable once you gain level 21 Amity. The differences are that there are only Intermediate and Advanced courses included in the possible outcomes, and there is a greater chance of gaining the highest EXP courses such as Hidden Forest, or CT Park Royal. This option is also slightly more expensive, at 200mil NG.

Both of these features are timed, and limited to 24 hour periods, after which the Amity course will revert back to the selection you made before using the Random feature.

Q) Does Amity stack with Guild Room EXP Bonuses?

A) No, it does not. In fact, guilds with Guild Rooms would likely wish to avoid Amity for their Room course as it only is useful there if the Amity benefit is higher than the Room benefit amount. As such, any guild with a Guild Room would likely wish to not use Amity on their home course.

Q) Do other players gain bonus EXP when playing with me in rooms on my Amity course like the Guild Room benefit?

A) No, other players do not benefit from Amity if they are not in your guild. Unlike the Guild Room EXP benefit, you are not able to share the bonus EXP with players who are not in your guild.

Q) Does the implementation of Amity mean my Guild Room is worthless?

A) Absolutely not. The Guild Room system has many many more benefits than the Amity system. Here is a list of the benefits of owning a Guild Room, depending on your Guild Room level:

Aura (customizable with guild logo)
Ability to advertise the guild much more than non-house owners
Banners to help that advertisement
Guild Prestige for being Room Owners
Up to 60% Course EXP Bonus with up to 30% EXP bonus to others in room who aren't in guild
+1/+2 all stats guild hat (customizable with guild logo)
Fatigue refreshment when entering house
No locker fees in house regardless of membership status
No Fatigue when playing on House course
No Greens Fees when playing on House course
80 Lucky Boxes (total gained overall at level 8: 10+20+50)
Guild Message Board in-room
Mageia Plus for every guild member

As you can see, the benefits of having and leveling a Guild Room far outweigh the small EXP bonus that Amity provides.


Guild Advisors

Q) What are Guild Advisors and what can they do?

A) Guild Advisor is a new position meant to take some of the daily Guild stress off of the Guild Master. The Advisor has all of the same guild rights as the GM does, with the exception of using the Change GM and Disband Guild functions. Only the Guild Master can do those things. However, the Advisor can pretty much do everything else such as accept new members, change the Guild PR information, make guild announcements, etc.

Q) How many Advisors can my guild have?

A) Here is a breakdown of how many Advisors you can have based on guild class:

Class G - A: 1
Class S1 - S5: 2
Class S6 - S10: 3
Over Class S10: 4

Q) How many coupons does the Advisor get?

A) The same amount as the Submaster positions get. That area is not different.


Welcome Gifts

Q) I see a spot on the new Guild UI for Welcome Gifts, what's that all about?

A) When a player joins your guild now, if they are level 1-40 the Guild Master can distribute "Welcome" gifts to the players for joining the guild. The items are all non-tradeable and can only be gained once per account, per server. Here is a list of the items given and their corresponding qualifications/cutoffs:

Player Level 1 - 20:
Zodiac Drei 100 x2
Marble Ball 2pc 250 hole
FF Ticket I 250 hole

Player Level 21-40:
Zodiac Plus 100 x1
Mageia Plus N 2.5 100 hole
Avatar Card Level 4

All Players Level 1-40:
Welcome Box I-VIII
Each box contains a different part of Tempest H Club Set, full set provided

New Options

Q) How often can the Guild Master title be changed, and how does it work?

A) Now, the Guild Master can choose to give the position to another member of the guild as long as they are online at the same time. This can only be done once every 7 days maximum.

Q) Can the Guild Advisor or Submasters use the "Disband Guild" or "Change GM" options?

A) No, only the Guild Master can use these options

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